Second Amendment


Guns: Owning and bearing arms is a fundamental right guaranteed by both the US and Wyoming Constitutions. As such, I support the current conceal-carry without a permit law. I do not believe we should have to petition the gov’t for a license for a right that is already ours. I think any attempt by the state or federal government to institute an assault weapons ban, or limit the sale of guns and ammunition already on the market is a direct assault on our second amendment rights. The second amendment was not written because the “deer” were coming. It was written so that we could arm and defend ourselves against a tyrannical gov’t, if that day should ever come.

I oppose “gun-free zones” at government buildings (this includes the Capitol building) and public schools. Gun free zones signs do not deter criminals bent on hurting people. They only serve to disarm law abiding citizens, leaving them defenseless in the face of a gun-wielding criminal. I would much rather see signs that read “Armed Zone”, and allow adult Wyoming citizens the option of carrying a concealed weapon.