Position on the Issues

Position on the Issues:

Pro-life Issues
Pro-life Issues: I have been a staunch pro-life advocate. In 2017, 4 pro-life bills were introduced that were either sponsored or co-sponsored by me. Two of these bills were signed into law, marking the first time in over 20 years that pro-life legislation was passed in Wyoming. I will continue for fight for one of the premier rights endowed to us by our Creator: the right to life. … ‪‬READ MORE

2nd Amendment
Gun Rights Issues:: I have unwavering support for the right to bear arms, marked by an “A” rating by the NRA. Two years ago I cosponsored the campus carry bill and the repeal “gun free” zones bill. The repeal “gun free” zones bill was passed by the legislature, but vetoed by our Governor. Last year I co-sponsored the Stand Your Ground law and the repeal of “gun free” zones at churches. Both of these were signed into law. I will oppose any assaults on our 2nd amendment rights. … ‪‬READ MORE

State Budget
State Budget: Regarding the state budget, for the last three years I have been announcing our economic downturn and our need to right-size government spending in relation to our revenue. As we budgeted for our current biennium, we had a projected deficit of around $800 million. Did we cut? No. In fact, we spent even more, raising our deficit to over about $1.15 billion. I voted against the budget, while emphasizing cuts and priorities in spending. There is nothing wrong with our current revenue streams. The problem is our inability to reform government and be efficient with taxpayer dollars. This continues to be my emphasis. … ‪‬READ MORE

Education: The only cuts the legislature made this biennium was in public schools. While I voted for cuts in 2017, I voted against these cuts in 2018. I understand the need to find places to cut in education, but the cuts offered were not palatable to me. I felt it was unfair and wrong to make cuts on the back of education while the legislature overspent in other areas of the state budget. I will continue to look for solutions so that we are providing our kids an excellent education while looking to be the most efficient with taxpayer dollars. … ‪‬READ MORE

Campbell County
Campbell County Specific: Regarding Campbell County, I have fought for and supported funding for extra passing lanes on Highway 59. Additionally, I have helped secure funding for future construction needs of Highway 59. I have consistently supported the $105 million direct money appropriation to the counties and municipalities. I supported an increase in mental health/suicide prevention dollars and worked to cut out the middlemen managing these dollars so that funds are efficiently used for suicide prevention, mental health and substance abuse. Last year I sponsored legislation that would have allowed our community college to set tuition rates at a marginal rate of 15% above what the Community College Commission sets. Finally, I am the only Campbell County legislator that opposed the Madison Pipeline amendment. I felt it was unfair to Campbell County Taxpayers who had to pay the special excise tax for the pipeline, and also felt we weren’t giving the parties involved enough time to work out their own problems.

Hate Crimes and Identity Politics
Hate Crimes and Identity Politics: I have opposed hate crimes laws and identity politics, which result in special laws for marginalized groups. Identity politics is not identifying someone as Republican, Democrat etc. It is marked by the marginalization of gender, ethnic groups, social class, and sexual identity. Identity politics makes a marginalized group “victims” and another group “victimizers”. This is based on something called equality of outcome. Whereas equality of opportunity means equal opportunity for all under the law, equality of outcome is the idea that liberties and freedoms must be suppressed in society so that the outcome is “fair” for everyone. It’s a socialistic model. Equality of opportunity teaches that with hard work, staying true to your word, and treating others with dignity and respect, you can be anything you want to be (it’s a can-do attitude). Equality of outcome teaches that you are a victim and someone—or society at large—owes you something. As such, a marginalized victim group feels they can bully, use disrespect, and use violence against their “oppressors” because the end (or outcome) justifies the means. We are the equality state. I will continue to promote the equality of opportunity for all. I will oppose special legislation that benefits some, at the expense of the freedom and liberty of others.

Economic Diversification
Economic Diversification: I am a strong supporter of economic diversification. I cosponsored a series of blockchain technology bills that paved the way for new economic activity within the state. The best part is that none of these bills cost a dime of taxpayer money. They simply made gov’t work in favor of business, not against it. From February 2018 to May 2018, the Secretary of State’s Office recorded 169 new business filings with the state that contained the terms “blockchain”, “crypto”, “bit”, “digital”, “token”, and “coin”. We were one of the worst states in the US to do business regarding this technology. Now we are arguably one of the best places, not just in the US, but in the world. Others have supported ENDOW’S recommendations of taking taxpayer dollars and using it as corporate welfare, or giving taxpayer money out to new businesses and startups in the form of grants and loans. I voted against all these bills. If banks and venture capitalists won’t take the risk for new companies, why should the taxpayers? The only ENDOW bill I supported was the airline bill. As Campbell County already subsidizes airfare, potentially transferring this to the state may free up local funds.

Fossil Fuels and Energy
Fossil Fuels and Energy: I have been a supporter of our legacy industries, namely, of coal, oil, and other extraction industries. Whenever I get a chance to speak on behalf of these industries, I do. I supported a reduction of the coal excise tax, from 7% to 6%, so that that the tax would be equal to that of oil and natural gas (currently at 6%). I also sponsored a bill two years ago that would raise the wind energy production tax so that it would be on an even playing field with fossil fuel energy production. I will continue to pursue such efforts.
In the last four years you have voted for a Christian Conservative Republican to represent you in the state house. I have represented you in such a way to stay true to who I am, to stay true to my word, and to stay true to you. I have been humbled by the opportunity to serve, and with your vote, will be humbled to serve another two years. … ‪‬READ MORE

Public Lands
Public Lands: Why can’t WY issue more coal leases in the Powder River Basin (PRB)? In part, because the federal gov’t claims that they own a vast amount of land and minerals in the PRB. In fact, the feds claim ownership of 48% of WY public lands and 67% of OUR minerals. Should Washington D.C. bureaucrats control half our state and our minerals, and thereby our jobs? NO! Let Wyomingites control their own lands, minerals and our own future!
The federal government likes to pretend that federal lands belong to “all of us” and that they are “your” national forests. But, of course, .… ‪‬READ MORE

Health Care (Affordable Care Act)
Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead announced December 2015 that he would spend the next few months advocating for Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in the 2016 budget. But so far, Wyoming legislators have taken a thoughtful approach, carefully reviewing all of the evidence and ultimately rejecting Obamacare expansion.
And they haven’t just rejected it once. In 2014 alone, state lawmakers rejected Obamacare expansion a whopping six times.
As your Representative I reject this expansion! … ‪‬READ MORE

Judiciary: We have several issues in Wyoming. We have a prison in Rawlins in disrepair, overcrowding in our jails/prisons, a legalized marijuana initiative that may soon be on the ballot, and an ongoing struggle with civil asset forfeiture.
On the prison in Rawlins, we received a report during the 2016 budget session indicating $80+ million needed to repair the prison. I ran an amendment that would have taken $80 million from a University of Wyoming project (that hasn’t been started) and diverted it to the needs of the prison. Unfortunately, the measure failed. We still have no idea how we are going to fund the repairs/rebuilding of the prison. … ‪‬READ MORE

Business: I believe that government’s role is not to create jobs. That is the role of the private sector. Gov’t does have a role in creating an atmosphere conducive to business, i.e. providing low taxes, adequate infrastructure, accessible transportation (interstates, rail, air), basic education, an able work force, etc. Often in Wyoming we find we have a favorable state business climate. One of our biggest business climate disruptors happens to be the federal gov’t. Which is one of the reasons why I am passionate about our state’s rights. (see Fossil Fuels and Public Lands)