Position on the Issues

Position on the Issues:

Fossil Fuels
Fossil Fuels: The controversy of climate change affects our families in Campbell County. Coal=Jobs. The fact of the matter is that man-made climate change is not settled science. Instead, it is hotly disputed by reputable and educated men and women….
Our mines are first class and reclamation is second to none. Our air is pristine and wildlife flourishes. Wyoming holds the gold standard when it comes to mining and drilling. Despite this, Obama wants to kill our fossil fuel industries.… Read More

Common Core has been one of the most polarizing education initiatives ever conceived by national education bureaucrats. From its conception it has divided and angered hundreds of thousands of parents across the country. They created huge numbers of grassroots organizations, including several here in Wyoming, to oppose this corrosive education scheme. These groups have spent years working to eliminate the Common Core Standards and the testing scenarios that accompany them….  Read More


Budget Revenue
Budget/Revenue:  Wyoming has had a history of booms and busts. We are currently experiencing an economic bust. Our best and brightest in Wyoming estimate that this economic slump will last 8-10 years. Fortunately, Wyoming has put away savings during the boom years to help us weather this storm. At its height, the Legislative Stabilization Reserve Account (LSRA), otherwise known as the Rainy Day Fund, was at $1.81 billion. Unlike Congress, … Read More


Pro Life
Pro Life
Marriage and social issues:  I’m pro-life (http://legisweb.state.wy.us/2016/Introduced/HB0121.pdf) and pro-family. I believe and support traditional marriage (one man and one woman). Marriage is a religious act, and it gives me heartburn that it is under the jurisdiction of the state. Why should people have to go to the state to get a license for a right that is inherently theirs? I question if marriage should be a function of the state. As for same sex marriage, it is not the law of the land. .… Read More

Land marked in Blue – Owned and Managed by Federal Agencies
Public lands: Why can’t WY issue more coal leases in the Powder River Basin (PRB)? In part, because the federal gov’t claims that they own a vast amount of land and minerals in the PRB. In fact, the feds claim ownership of 48% of WY public lands and 67% of OUR minerals. Should Washington D.C. bureaucrats control half our state and our minerals, and thereby our jobs? NO! Let Wyomingites control their own lands, minerals and our own future!
The federal government likes to pretend that federal lands belong to “all of us” and that they are “your” national forests. But, of course, .… ‪‬READ MORE

Guns: Owning and bearing arms is a fundamental right guaranteed by both the US and Wyoming Constitutions. As such, I support the current conceal-carry without a permit law. I do not believe we should have to petition the gov’t for a license for a right that is already ours. I think any attempt by the state or federal government to institute an assault weapons ban, or limit the sale of guns and ammunition already on the market is a direct assault on our second amendment rights. The second amendment was not written because the “deer” were coming. It was written so that we could arm and defend ourselves against a tyrannical gov’t, if that day should ever come. … ‪‬READ MORE

Health Care (Affordable Care Act)
Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead announced December 2015 that he would spend the next few months advocating for Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in the 2016 budget. But so far, Wyoming legislators have taken a thoughtful approach, carefully reviewing all of the evidence and ultimately rejecting Obamacare expansion.
And they haven’t just rejected it once. In 2014 alone, state lawmakers rejected Obamacare expansion a whopping six times.
As your Representative I reject this expansion! … ‪‬READ MORE

Judiciary: We have several issues in Wyoming. We have a prison in Rawlins in disrepair, overcrowding in our jails/prisons, a legalized marijuana initiative that may soon be on the ballot, and an ongoing struggle with civil asset forfeiture.
On the prison in Rawlins, we received a report during the 2016 budget session indicating $80+ million needed to repair the prison. I ran an amendment that would have taken $80 million from a University of Wyoming project (that hasn’t been started) and diverted it to the needs of the prison. Unfortunately, the measure failed. We still have no idea how we are going to fund the repairs/rebuilding of the prison. … ‪‬READ MORE

Business: In reference to business, I believe that government’s role is not to create jobs. That is the role of the private sector. Gov’t does have a role in creating an atmosphere conducive to business, i.e. providing low taxes, adequate infrastructure, accessible transportation (interstates, rail, air), basic education, an able work force, etc. Often in Wyoming we find we have a favorable state business climate. One of our biggest business climate disruptors happens to be the federal gov’t. Which is one of the reasons why I am passionate about our state’s rights. (see Fossil Fuels and Public Lands)