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Marriage and social issues: I’m pro-life ( and pro-family. I believe and support traditional marriage (one man and one woman). Marriage is a religious act, and it gives me heartburn that it is under the jurisdiction of the state. Why should people have to go to the state to get a license for a right that is inherently theirs? I question if marriage should be a function of the state. As for same sex marriage, it is not the law of the land. The Supreme Court, and all lower courts can’t make or codify law. Writing law is clearly a function of the legislative branch only. The high court decision is simply the opinion of five out of nine attorneys. Not to mention that their opinion breaks natural law. Natural law was held in high esteem by our nation’s founders.

I don’t believe that any judge or elected official is disqualified to hold office because of his/her religious beliefs. I also believe that it is the right of business owners to withhold their services/not engage in practices that are contrary to their religious beliefs. To clarify, if I owned a cake shop and Kanye West came in to buy a cake, it would be discriminatory for me to refuse him service because he is black or an idiot. On the other hand, if he wanted me to make a cake with his explicit lyrics all over it, I could decline my service as I wouldn’t want to be a partaker in behavior that would conflict with my religious convictions.


On Monday, January 30th, the House Labor, Health and Social Services Committee will be listening to several pro-life bills. The meeting on this day will be upon adjournment, around 4pm. Among the bills that will be heard is HB132. This is a bill I’m sponsoring that will require doctors to report any abortions that take place in the state or face a fine. It also adds privacy protections, in addition to what already exists, to women when this information is reported to the state. Pro-life advocates are encouraged to testify before the committee on January 30th in support of these bills. You can also contact/email members of the committee by going to

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