Healthcare – Affordable Care Act

Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead announced December 2015 that he would spend the next few months advocating for Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in the 2016 budget. But so far, Wyoming legislators have taken a thoughtful approach, carefully reviewing all of the evidence and ultimately rejecting Obamacare expansion.

Affordable Care Act

And they haven’t just rejected it once. In 2014 alone, state lawmakers rejected Obamacare expansion a whopping six times. They rejected it again in 2015, even after the Governor put his support behind it. Instead of embracing Obamacare, the legislature specifically acted to prohibit Mead from pursuing any expansion without legislative approval.

As your Representative I reject this expansion! And it’s not as though I don’t have anything to lose by not supporting it. Truth be told, my family would probably qualify if it were to pass. So why am I opposed to it? Several reasons.

First, any money that would come to our state would be added onto the federal deficit and ultimately the national debt ( At $19 trillion in debt, it is irresponsible to cast that kind of burden upon the shoulders of our children (I have four children).

Second, it always costs more than the initial estimates. States that have instituted this have seen huge overruns

The government is a poor business operator and was never meant to be in the healthcare insurance business.

Third, by and large the expansion would cover single, able-bodied working adults with no dependents. I’m all for a safety net, but I don’t think heath care insurance is a right, nor should the government have to provide it for us. The ultimate goal of this boondoggle is to create a single-payer system controlled by the government. I don’t want the government getting in the way of my doctor and healthcare decisions.