Looks like ENDOW wants to step up Wyoming’s game of picking winners and losers in the private economy. ENDOW has turned into a think tank of socialistic ideas and crony capitalism. It now wants to take millions of YOUR taxpayer dollars from market investments (which yields the highest returns) and “invest” in Wyoming companies, which may fail and be a total loss to taxpayers. Whatever happened to private companies seeking private capital? Why should private companies look to gov’t for money to operate? Why should taxpayers dollars be given to private companies? Obama did this with green energy companies costing taxpayers billions (remember Solyndra?). Why should taxpayers be made the ones to take the risk if a company goes under after we’ve given them millions of dollars? Our state constitution forbids giving money to any entity not under the absolute control of the state. I won’t vote in favor of any of it. This is how socialist states operate, and it’s not constitutional!