Education Funding


Should Wyomingites have to EACH shell out $1500/year in additional taxation to cover the $400 million/year deficit in education funding? Can your family afford that? Here’s some of the revenue raising options. I think they’re all awful and don’t support any of them. Shouldn’t we look at cutting back first? What do you think?

As you may well know, the consultants hired to work on K-12 funding re-calibration are holding public meetings. School districts are trying to stack these meetings with people who will support maintaining the status quo and will advocate for more revenue (taxes). While I didn’t receive the email CCSD#1 Superintendent Boyd Brown sent (screen shots attached for your viewing), 9000 parents and staff in Campbell County did. It obviously made some waves and our local paper picked up the story (below).

Your help is needed. Consider attending one of these meeting (times and locations are listed in one of the attachments) and speaking out yourself, and please spread the word to Wyomingites concerned about over-funding education and the effort by some to raise their taxes. If we don’t speak to these consultants, those who want to raise taxes will.

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