On Monday, January 30th, the House Labor, Health and Social Services Committee will be listening to several pro-life bills. The meeting on this day will be upon adjournment, around 4pm. Among the bills that will be heard is HB132. This is a bill I’m sponsoring that will require doctors to report any abortions that take place in the state or face a fine. It also adds privacy protections, in addition to what already exists, to women when this information is reported to the state. Pro-life advocates are encouraged to testify before the committee on January 30th in support of these bills. You can also contact/email members of the committee by going to http://legisweb.state.wy.us/LegislatorSummary/CommitteeMembers.aspx?strCommitteeID=10.

With Precious Feet Fridays, Republican Legislators Show Support for Life
“We will tirelessly defend the rights of unborn children.” read more


I’m Scott Clem and I’m glad you’re visiting this site. A little about me… I’m a simple man who loves Wyoming, loves his family, and loves the Lord. I was elected as a State Representative in 2014. This site is designed to give YOU information. You’ll not only find information about myself and my positions, you’ll also find information on how you can get involved. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, have questions about legislation or state services, or just want to sound off on an issue that is important to you , then please contact me. As a public servant, I’m here to serve you! My views on issues are in part the following: with more found here.

arrowsm“I have a strong record that reflects social and fiscal conservatism, and I look forward to using my skills to further represent the greatest group of people in Wyoming.”

These are my thoughts on some of the issues we face… Education: “Common Core (CC) is the socialization of education; Wyoming can do better. School boards/districts should be accountable to parents.” The Environment:: “I don’t believe that CO2 is a pollutant, and am furious of the EPA’s overreach.” “Marriage and social issues: “Our intrusive federal government has been violating the 10th Amendment.” “Public land: Should Washington D.C. bureaucrats control half our state and our minerals, and thereby our jobs? NO! Let Wyomingites control their own lands, minerals and our own future!

How to Participate in the Legislative Process during Legislative Session:

The Wyoming Legislature offers a variety of services to help Wyoming residents actively participate in legislative sessions, whether you are in the Capitol or in your hometown. The information provided here explains services provided by the Wyoming Legislature to ensure your participation in the legislative process when the Legislature is in session.

General Telephone Messages and Correspondence:
  • If you would like to contact Scott directly during the session, call the House Receptionist at (307) 777-7852 to leave a brief message for Scott. Written mail may be directed to Scott in care of the Wyoming House, State Capitol, Cheyenne, WY, 82002. Fax messages may be sent to Scott at (307) 777-5466